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About AppleRain Workshop

AppleRain is a name of my series drawing.
Having my personal artwork nicely produced into various printed stuff,
is one of my dream since I have created AppleRain in year 2006.

AppleRain Workshop is launched,
here will gather up my AppleRain series artwork printed stuff.

I'm the artist, Annie Chong.
I hope the vibrant vivid colours could brighten up your days!
Nice to meet you! And thanks for the view! :)


Why is AppleRain?

It represents Dream and Hope in my drawings.

I'm loving to use colours, looking for a world of heart to discover our original mind...
Just like the
Rain, could cleanse the earth,
meaning to remind us always remember to wash our dream and hope,
always remember to clean the sky which hiding in our heart.

Therefore, that's
AppleRain...... :)


About my Handmade Jewellery

Vintage, Romantique, Gorgeous.
I believe vintage jewellery could memorize the time, retraces those glorious time in our life's journey.

Inspirations come from nature, fairytale & impressive affairs.

Material: coral, pearl, mother of pearl, crystal, natural stone, wood, lace......